Chilli Powder Supplier

By Narendra Shah

Wed, Jul 12, 2017


Chilli (Mirchi) in India is a common household spice. It can be found in all homes and is devoured on daily basis. India is the biggest producer and consumer of chilli in the world. Major chilli production in India is carried out in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, West Bengal, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

Chilli powder is a seasoning mixture made from ground red chillies with a couple of variants in other cases to add a special blend. The type of chilli powder may extend from light red to darker based components. They can be roasted or dried and then blended and used as a spice in many cooking preparations.

Selmax Exports Pvt. Ltd has been known for supply of its high breed and extremely fresh Chilli Powder, from giving a dish its spicy punch to an authentic red colour. The types of chilli powders available are listed on our website. The importance of capsaicin in chilies is still retained in the powder and has numerous health benefits like increasing immunity and strengthening the wall arteries. Modern research has also revealed its uses for reviving patients suffering from an immediate heart attack. We Selmax Exports go through extreme measures of deriving the final chilli product. A lot is given into the quality of raw material yield and after countless numerous inspection done by the company’s safety and standard measure carried out by the company ensures that you get more than your money's worth. Selmax Exports is more focused in quality and making their name in the market internationally and within the nation. Selmax Exports grow in all fields of spices and food products, making it a company truly to be tested and tasted.

Selmax outshines in terms of

•    Quality

•    Pricing

•    Standards

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