Indian Groceries Supplier

By Narendra Shah

Wed, Jul 12, 2017


The gossip on online retailing in India has reached new peaks in the previous months. With big huge website running companies that cater to the grocery and food supply requirements for the nation and overseas.  What is astonishing, however, is the majority of online retailers in India are Book distributors, electronic, accessories and other apparel while groceries which builds the bulk of traditional brick and mortar retailing, with a total of 60% to 70% make a minuscule important part of total online retail area worthy of an approximate $2.3 billion dollar franchising. With that being said selling non-perishable goods online is generally easier than selling perishable goods that have a very short lifespan. Imagine the difference in storing a cell phone compared to a tomato. This is the very reason the market for grocery is relatively less.

This doesn’t stop Selmax Exports Pvt. Ltd.from getting the job done as an Indian Groceries Supplier. Committed to always serving the freshest and the most pleasant groceries, they make sure their quality benchmark is never lowered in terms of packing, delivery on time, suppliers for a grade quality produce. Their food is FDA approved and ready for consumption or cooking. Online stores pose a huge threat to the old way of local groceries.  However, they are low in quality considering the rough usage of handling. Moreover, even the spoilt or the about to go bad produce is mixed with the fresh ones so the change of getting a sanitary produce is a lucky bargain. While we Selmax Exports has a regular inspection on the produce and old foods that can be considered perishable is discarded in a proper wastage disposal method making it eco-friendly and healthy. Selmax Exports, has a chain of high-end infrastructure where the goods are prepared to yield the highest benefits health-wise and quality marked.

 It is for this very reason that we Selmax Exports delivers and supplies in the international market and making sure that India exports good trade quality produce. Just contact Selmax Exports and experience the feel of having the actual fresh ingredient and foods. Think about it from the field the produce heads straight to the packing company where the product is preserved as calmly as possible.


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