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Selmax Exports Pvt.Ltd. is one of the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Indian Spices, Indian Ethnic Foods, Blended Spices (Indian cooking spices), Curry Powders, Condiments, Herbal Products and other Indian Commodities to all over the world.

At Selmax Exports we add the value of our services to a large range of items including Indian foodstuffs, groceries and spices as well as ready to eat items, incense sticks, toiletries, utensils and household merchandise. We have been exporting these quality products for a number of years and have in depth knowledge commensurate with our area of operation. Our specialization lies in the shipment of full container loads of mixed spices and commodities items.

Our expertise embraces the following activities

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We ensure Premium quality merchandising.
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We guarantee the most competitive prices.
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We assure prompt delivery.

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Quality of the products plays a very important role. That’s why we at Selmax treat it as a never-ending process and hence focus on improving the quality of our products which will be done under experienced supervisors.


Understanding the needs of our customers, we take special care of the products while packing to ensure their safety, purity & hygiene. The superior quality of packaging ensures moisture-proof long shelf life, quality, and easy storage of products. Our packaging unit is equipped with sophisticated packing machines for a high standard of quality output.


Having got the complete infrastructure to handle from farm/paddy stage to milling to grading to conditioning to packing to logistics with trained professionals enables us to handle large volume contracts & shipments. We mainly purchase the raw material from local as well as outstation market ensuring that the material is sourced from the producing center.


Greater flavor retention, extended product shelf life, improved product appearance, and texture, prevent microbial contamination and degradation of the product. We can sterilize spices to control micro contamination in spices to the required level. At Selmax we are totally committed to the demand and supply.


We have advanced processing plants, like Distoner, Gravity separator, Sortex machine, pulverizer ( Grinding plant) and Packing machines.