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Fennel SeedSelmax Exports Pvt.Ltd. a leader as one of the largest Fennel Seed Supplier in India and Overseas

Fennel can be classified as both a spice and a herb. It is one plant that is entirely edible from stalks, roots, and leaves. This spice is the most famous of all the dry seeds. Considered as a native to the Mediterranean and Indian sub-continent. Fennel dates back to ancient times widely used by the Greeks and spread all throughout Europe by the Roman Empire. This seed is consumed widely after a meal in traditional and ethnic Indian food.

When considered a herb, fennel leaves are most famous for is an appliance in Italian and French cooking. Used from a variety of preparations like Fish or Mayonnaise in tempering. It is frequently used in preparations for meats and spicy sausages in Italian delicacy.  Traditionally ideal for fish dishes it can be used to flavor soups and savories. English people use fennel seeds in almost all their fish dishes from poaching fish to authentic fish marinades. Globally used for flavoring bread, confectionary, and even cakes.

New research has found fennel seeds actually act as a natural resource to nourish the skin and heal skin related problems. Its rise in the global purchase has led us to exclusively become a fennel seed supplier. At Selmax Exports Pvt.Ltd.  we make sure our fennel product comes from the best-cultivated crop. In terms of quality and inspection, our professional make sure we supply a top graded herb. This has led to the consumption within India and Overseas, with our abundance of product we make sure our clients get container loads worth as per their demand. This packing and shipment are carried out in well sanitized and safe surroundings so our fennel doesn't lose its aromatic strength.

Selmax Exports Pvt.Ltd. a strong Fennel Seed Supplier In India and International Provinces

Selmax Exports Pvt.Ltd. proudly announces, that we are the most popular choice for fennel seed supplier, because of our state of the art quality and long shelf life. Fennel is a really good herb and since its benefits in medicine and in health are now being discovered, the demand from international markets have also depended on us to provide the best, which we have never failed to disappoint our client's requirements in terms of quality and quantity needed.