Kashmiri Chilli

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Kashmiri chillies are less spicy than other red chillies and also add vibrant and red rich colour to flavor to the shahi gravies and curries. There are end numbers of variety available in market but the best chilli will always have bright red colour with high retension. As we mentioned that this chillies are not spicy but it can be see that it add unique blend of taste in the food.

We know that now a days Kashmiri red chillies are available in every grocery store but sometimes you failed to get quality product so we are giving best quality product which will not harmful body in negative way. Generally Kashmiri red chillies are used to give colour to the food rather than giving hot taste.we can use 3-4 chillies at time to give best flavor, colour, and taste.

Mostly this type of chillies are used in vegetables to give shahi touch to the food. There are many benefits which are contain by Kashmiri red chillies.

Kashmiri red chillies contains vitamin C and vitamin A which is very important for our immune system of the body. It also contain vitamins B and vitamins E which are source of low cholesterol and fat. Kashmiri red chillies are normally used in Punjabi food. Not only in vegetables but it also used in non-veg foods. Like generally this chillies are used in chicken tandoor for giving vibrant colour and taste to the chicken.

Thus we are providing good quality chillies by which one can add good taste in food. Also by providing good fresh chillies we are ensuring health benefits which can get by the consumption of Kashmiri red chillies. Selmax Exports is the leading Kashmiri Chilli Supplier and Exporter in India, Saudi Arabia, Canada, USA, UK.